Are you willing to do what John MacArthur and James White, and most conservative religious leaders won’t do?

It’s simple:

Name Albert Mohler as a danger to the church.

John MacArthur has said, “I will fight error, but I will not fight my friends.”

He needs to reconsider his friendships.

For the New Christian Intellectual Exists Because Natural Theology Matters

If someone says Christians do not need philosophy, what does that mean?

It means the entire project at For the New Christian Intellectual is useless.

The FTNCI project aims to equip Christians in moral reasoning by highlighting the philosophical topics that Christians tend to overlook. We want Christians to see…

Ironically, the pro-abortion slogan “my body, my choice” is now being used by those opposing Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Is either side using the concept correctly?

That’s what we cover in our new episode.

We also include:

  • Why we must call for Joe Biden’s impeachment (even if it will never…

In this episode we’re looking at a common misconception: that moral pronouncements or ideas do not matter unless they are found in the Bible. Is there any value in philosophy, or what has been called Natural Theology?

We made this video in response to statements made by Dr. Jeffrey Johnson…


This is the weakest argument I’ve yet heard in defense of the Southern Baptist Convention’s new president, the serial plagiarist and liar, Ed Litton.

The narrative is changing.

Originally, the claim was: No! Silly! Ed Litton hasn’t been copying other people’s sermons for years, with no attribution.

(After all…

Sign the Petition to Impeach Joe Biden

Democrats are only able to stay in power because conservatives are unwilling to call them what they are.

Tell the truth, Senators.

Tell the truth, fathers and mothers.

Tell these filthy children what they have become.

Voters must make their standards known, even if they will be ignored in the…

Is It Moral to Refuse the Vaccine?

Welcome to the Podcast and Video Channel.

At For the New Christian Intellectual, we promote rational Christianity, for those who love their lives. We want the world to be filled with Christians who are skilled in moral reasoning.

This episode will equip you to understand one way Ayn Rand’s rational egoism matters at this moment in history.

American Reformer Sells Out Inalienable Rights, Repackages Timothy Keller

Have you noticed a shift in the Conservative movement?

Conservatives and Republicans are not what they have historically claimed to be. They no longer seem to prioritize limited government, individual rights, free markets, and the Constitution.

Today we’re reviewing a new publication that represents this sad trend. It’s called American Reformer.

It aims at “…equipping evangelical Christians to confidently…

Why do the Leftists want to turn us into slaves?

This question is not merely rhetorical. We need to understand our enemies.

What causes a man to want to make every person a slave to every other?

The answer has several parts:

Under every Leftist subversion, you find the following…

Gun-grabbers and pacifists sometimes try to categorize themselves as the ones who are following Jesus in his command to be willing to lose your own life.

They consider their position to be the obvious outworking of the command to “take up your cross and follow me.”

But they haven’t established…

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