These 33 BigEva Folks Are Enemies Within the Church. Receipts Inside.

If you have been paying attention, this article will not contain surprises.

The folks within TGC, the ERLC (and more broadly, “BigEva”) are acting as subversive enemies within the church.

Discernment blogs and podcasts have done good work showing the overall problems with the material coming out of TGC and the ERLC, as well as showing problems within the teaching of seminaries and conferences that were once respected within reformed, evangelical Christianity or within the Southern Baptist Convention.

The leftward direction of the trend is not seriously disputable.

For the sake of clarity, I have begun to publicly list some of the men and women most responsible for this shift. I am praying for them to repent.

There is power in precision. Naming names is a job most people avoid, for various reasons. But in times of widespread theological subversion, there is no other way to confront error than to name specific people who are committing specific errors.

With confidence, I can describe the following 33 men and women as:

  • Senselessly dividing the church by spreading or enabling lies
  • Failing to live faithfully to the Lord
  • Needing repentance

God sees hearts and actions. We see only actions.

But actions can be judged. I see ungodly actions that harm the church and that are incompatible with a faithful Christian life.

And you see it too, if you are willing to take five minutes to look.

That is, granting two basic assumptions. I will assume that you, the reader, have at least some familiarity the following concepts:

  • Critical Race Theory (CRT)/Intersectionality
  • Evangelical Feminism
  • The Same-Sex-Attraction Movement
  • Socialism and Leftism

And I will assume that you already know that these are pressing, subversive threats within the church.

If you do not already know the above, then please wake up.

Immediately get out of any position of spiritual or intellectual leadership within Christianity until you’ve done your minimal responsibility to understand the Bible and to understand what has been happening to the church in America over the past two decades.

Before you can help others, you must study to show yourself approved. You must meet a baseline minimum of comprehension required by the concept of “due diligence.” Pastors, I’m talking to you.

Ungodly Teaching Is Eviscerating Churches Across America

The ungodly teaching is coming from the leadership. It is coming from the pastors. And it is coming from the evangelical celebrities, conference speakers, authors, and seminary leaders/teachers the pastors look up to.

There is moral compromise in the public work of each of the following 33 men and women. I will show it.

Naturally, you will be wanting receipts — some indication of the nature of the concern.

Today I begin the process of reporting what I know. This post is a work-in-progress. First, I will merely indicate the cause of concern. Later, I will add links so that any who desire to understand the facts in greater detail (and somehow don’t know how to perform an internet search) will have no remaining excuse not to know.

To start with, I will indicate ungodly actions that are shown quickly and easily, requiring no extended demonstration. The items on my list are not necessarily the most troubling issues surrounding each person; they are the issues that require the least work to explain.

I chose issues suitable for establishing my overall claims — specifically, that:

These people are senselessly dividing the church by spreading or enabling lies, and that they ought to be publicly called to repentance by as many of us as possible.

God willing, I will live long enough to expose much material that needs to be exposed — and to continue doing so with objectivity and precision.

No one enjoys doing this kind of work. Not even a culture warrior like myself. But I think with joy about the future I’m leaving to my children. It will be a future in which someone said what needed to be said, even when most people preferred not to take responsibility.

Albert Mohler

-Hired CRT teachers and has not repudiated the choice
-Attacked the Founders Ministry Film that exposed CRT in the SBC
-Promotes Sam Allberry’s SSA identity movement (that God is not anti-gay) (source)

Jason Allen

-Hired CRT teachers
-Attacked the Founders Ministry Film that exposed CRT in the SBC
-Promotes Sam Allberry

Russell Moore

-Derides the Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel (SJ&G)
-Excuses compromise on women pastors
-Defends Beth Moore even when she is teaching rebellion against biblical gender roles
-Speaks at George Soros Events
-Heads the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT)

Danny Akin

-Employs CRT teachers
-Excuses compromise on women preachers

Brent Aucoin

-Attacks his honest critics with lies
-Defends Danny Akin’s hiring of CRT teachers

Mark Dever

-Excuses voting for abortion-supporting political candidates.

Jonathan Leeman

-Excuses voting for abortion-supporting political candidates.

Thabiti Anyabwile

-Excuses and even promotes voting for abortion-supporting political candidates.
-Accused white people of killing MLK, never actually apologized

Beth Moore

-Preaches to men
-Downplays the sinfulness of homosexuality
-Promotes many worse false teachers than herself

Anthony Bradley

-Teaches CRT

Jemar Tisby

-Teaches CRT
-Invites pro-choice “Christian” speakers to present at conferences he organizes

Eric Mason

-Teaches CRT

Ray Ortlund

-Supports and Defends Beth Moore, Russell Moore, Sam Allberry, Rebecca McLaughlin, Thabiti Anyabwile from their correct critics.
-Is on TGC’s Council

Mike Cosper

-Claims you can be a Christian and support Bernie Sanders
-Supports the subversive agenda of Christianity Today

JD Greear

-Says the Bible whispers about homosexuality (source) (source)
-Badly mishandles the topic of homosexuality (source) (source)
-Supports Beth Moore regarding women preaching to men
-Criticizes John MacArthur’s comments about women preaching to men
-Promotes use of preferred gender pronouns

Kyle J. Howard

-Teaches CRT
-Promotes Beth Moore

Walter Strickland

-Teaches CRT

Adam Greenway

-Employs CRT teachers
-Attacked the Founders Ministry Film that exposed CRT in the SBC

Timothy Keller

-Attacks the SJ&G
-Led TGC to where it is
-Teaches a pseudo-Christian Marxist political ideology

Don Carson

-Led TGC to where it is
-Defends TGC from its critics instead of publicly correcting its errors

Rebecca McLaughlin

-Promotes CRT/Intersectionality
-Promotes SSA identity

Karen Swallow Prior

-Promotes CRT/Intersectionality
-Promotes SSA identity
-Says abortion is not murder

Jonathan Merritt

-Promotes SSA identity
-Constantly attacks Christian conservatives

James Merritt

-Promotes Jonathan Merritt

Ronnie Floyd

-Continues to deny the liberal drift of the SBC
-Endorsed numerous false teachers (even Kenneth Copeland, IHOP)
-Made false prophesies

Ligon Duncan

-Hires CRT teachers
-Endorses Sam Allberry
-Endorses “Woke Church” book
-On the board of TGC

Sam Allberry

-Promotes SSA identity
-Promotes Living Out website
-Promotes LGBTQ+ audit

Matt Chandler

-Promotes CRT
-Tells people to leave his church if they don’t approve of him bashing police

Dave Miller

-Attacks Conservatives such as Founders Ministry
-Promotes feminists
-On the ERLC Leadership Council
-Attacks the SJ&G
-Calls for affirmative action in SBC hiring
-Floated idea of Beth Moore as President of the SBC

Bruce Ashford

-Promotes the Intersect Project at SEBTS

Greg Forster

-Directs the Oikonomia network which pushes leftist political theory in seminaries

Justin Taylor

-Promotes Rebecca McLaughlin and Sam Allberry
-Writes at TGC
-Accuses his critics of lying without giving evidence

Rosaria Butterfield

-Promotes Sam Allberry’s SSA identity movement (that God is not anti-gay)
-Calls reparative therapy the prosperity gospel
-Promoted preferred gender pronouns (but now semi-obscurely doesn’t anymore)



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